Medical clinic manager duties responsibilities

You can use this job description for writing Medical clinic manager  cover letter, resume/CV, Medical clinic manager  job qualifications (k...

You can use this job description for writing Medical clinic manager  cover letter, resume/CV, Medical clinic manager  job qualifications (knowledge, education, skills, abilities, experience…KSA model) and other ones such as Medical clinic manager  daily tasks, key activities, key/core competencies, job functions/purpose…

I. List of Medical clinic manager duties:

  1. Proficient in, abides by and enforces all Company policies, procedures and initiatives.
  2. Manages, performs and/or assists with patient processing, check in/out, and case management.
  3. Holds, leads and develops topic agendas for Center team meetings.
  4. Reviews and monitors Center activities; recommends changes in, or better utilization of facility's services, equipment and staff.
  5. Establishes and/or maintains work schedules and assignments of resident non-licensed and/or professional staff members.
  6. Authorizes and/or performs purchase of supplies in accordance with Company guidelines; checks in deliveries by reconciling packing slips against purchase orders and sends approved and/or corrected originals to the corporate office for payment.
  7. Meets, enforces and sets goals and standards for self and staff that is consistent with those of upper management.
  8. Conducts employee evaluations, provides counseling, performs disciplinary actions and terminations, plans/ensures new hire training and staff development and, forwards appropriate and complete documentation to HR in a timely manner.
  9. Maintains with constant review for accuracy and quality, patient medical records in accordance with policy and procedures.
  10. Maintains, performs and reports equipment upkeep records and needs, cash receipts, daily Medisoft charge entries, and all other daily, weekly and monthly requirements and/or requests.
  11. Establishes and maintains communication between insurance carriers, medical providers, patients and the like, and acts as the primary liaison between employers and Center.
  12. Recognizes and diffuses problematic situations before they occur. Provides intervention, resolution of client issues and problems; informs appropriate members of management within one business day of knowledge of such.
  13. Works within the established patient referral network and follows guidelines of patient workers’ compensation carrier.
  14. Ensures procedures and treatments are performed by appropriately trained, licensed and/or certified staff in accordance with Company and/or other regulatory requirements in such areas as DOT, ADA, BAT, Drug Screen Collection, X-ray, etc.
  15. Works in conjunction with the CBO to ensure appropriate, accurate and timely reimbursement for all services rendered.
  16. Coordinates and requests Center staffing based on budgetary, patient flow, employee illness/vacation and other relevant factors.
  17. Performs ancillary duties to include front and back office support as mandated by patient flow and/or Center needs.

II. List of Medical clinic manager qualifications

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration or any healthcare field a must.
  2. Previous experience managing (or assisting) a Med-Legal or Orthopedic Practice (Workers' Comp.) preferred but not required.
  3. Highly organized and has the ability to manage a busy practice of med-legal orthopedic doctors with regards to patient tracking, scheduling, updating and follow-ups, and ensuring that all patient requirements and processes of med-legal cases are met and delivered within deadline.
  4. Must be result-oriented and always striving to get the job done accurately and on time.
  5. Must be detail-oriented and meticulous, has the ability catch errors and correct them accordingly, with regards to reports and other documentation for patient cases.
  6. Must have excellent communication skills and the confidence to coordinate on behalf of the doctors and/or patients.
  7. Ability to complete administrative tasks timely and with accuracy.
  8. Must be able to handle a fast-paced and challenging work environment.
  9. Must be a good multi-tasker, sharp and trainable.

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