Field training officer duties responsibilities

You can use this job description for writing Field training officer cover letter, resume/CV, Field training officer job qualifications (kno...

You can use this job description for writing Field training officer cover letter, resume/CV, Field training officer job qualifications (knowledge, education, skills, abilities, experience…KSA model) and other ones such as Field training officer daily tasks, key activities, key/core competencies, job functions/purpose…

I. List of Field training officer duties:

1.      Perform general structural and aircraft firefighting and rescue duties and responsibilities through a variety of established techniques and approaches under the supervision of a company officer.
2.      Respond to medical emergencies and performs basic and advanced pre-hospital patient care in accordance with established protocols and standard procedures.
3.      Respond to Hazardous Materials emergencies and perform control and containment tasks
4.      Drive a variety of fire apparatus, ambulances, and related vehicles to emergency and non-emergency incidents in a safe and professional manner.
5.      Operate fire apparatus pumps and appliances to produce required fire flow demands
6.      Perform basic daily operator inspections and maintenance on fire apparatus; clean, wash, and service equipment, inspect, test, and maintain equipment and pumps including but not limited to nozzles, appliances, fittings, fire extinguishers, hand and power tools, ropes, ladders, emergency lighting equipment, generators, rescue and first aid and related equipment.
7.      Performs flow-test of fire hydrants and fire sprinkler systems
8.      Perform facility fire prevention inspections and related services as directed
9.      Receives general supervision from a Fire Captain
10.  May exercise technical supervision over personnel in training and/or to other personnel during emergency medical incidences
11.  Perform other duties as assigned

II. List of Field training officer qualifications

1.      High school graduate or equivalent
2.      Minimum of two (2) years related experience working in Firefighter position required.
3.      Minimum of two (2) years working in EMT-(A) Advanced or Paramedic position required.
4.      IFSAC Fire Fighter II or above and IFSAC Airport Fire Fighter certifications required.
5.      Certified Emergency Medical Technician – (A) Advanced or Paramedic certification required.
6.      American Heart Association CPR/BLS instructor or instructor-trainer certification required.
7.      IFSAC Fire Instructor I, IFSAC HazMat Technician, IFSAC Fire Officer I.
8.      Confined Space Rescue, Water Rescue, and Technical Rescue certifications preferred.
Valid Drivers License and passport required

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